Why Donate to the HRFD?

Post date: Dec 15, 2017 7:47:12 AM

The Heath Rural Fire Department, like many volunteer fire departments within the state, relies heavily on donations and other funding sources to keep our operations going. Donations from our members and community help us to provide a level of emergency services to the Heath community at large. Our budget is derived partly from special assessments which come from you, our members. However, close to 50 percent of our budget comes from donations or interest from our permanent endowment fund held in the Central Montana Foundation.

We need funding to be able to operate and to provide the best emergency services we can to our community. The costs of operating a volunteer fire department can be high and we try to only ask for money if there is a real need. As a result, we rely on a great deal on your donations to be able to provide those services and to work to expand our services in the future. All of these services are provided by dedicated volunteers. The savings to our members because of the time and in-kind volunteer work is what makes this Fire District successful and ultimately saves us all money in lower insurance rates and lower taxes. Our response times may be longer than having paid staff at the fire hall, but we are all volunteers and many of us work to provide services that many times meet or exceed that of fully taxed districts.

For more information on how to donate to support our volunteer rural firefighters, please download a copy of the "How to make a donation to Heath Rural Fire District document attached below.